[Conference] High-Performance Building Design Strategy to achieve Resilience towards Climate Change

Healthy Building Conference 2012

Climate change has been seen as the greatest challenge to mankind. The first impact of such a change will be reflected in the cities and buildings we live, work and play in. So it is important that we start thinking and preparing ourselves to adapt and become resilient to this change. Our aim is to design a high-performance building that performs not only today but also in the same sense 30 years hence when a two-degree Celsius rise in air temperature has been predicted. An urban farm acts as an outer building envelope & a primary strategy to combat environmental issues related to climate change and in the process, a meticulous balance between architectural quality and performance matrix is established. A novel concept of form follows performance propels in the design process. Naturally available resources of wind and sunlight are utilized to the apex validated by simulations.

This project aims at achieving benchmark energy consumptions, enhanced green plot ratio, reduced energy footprints, reduced solar heat gain and ETTV values. Dissipated lift energy is recovered and reused. The phenomenon of a continuously changing outer envelope is plausible by varying plant densities along the urban farm to suit the climatic change.

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