[Conference] Multi-criteria evolutionary optimization of building envelopes during conceptual stages of design


This paper focuses on using evolutionary algorithms during the conceptual stages of the design process for multi-criteria optimization of building envelopes. An experiment is carried out in optimizing a paneled building envelope. The design scenario for the experiment is based on the scenario described in Shea et al. (2006) for the building envelope of the Media Centre Building in Paris. However, in their research, the optimization process only allowed the panel configuration to be optimized. In this paper, the task is to approach the optimization of the envelope of the same building, assuming it to be in the early phases of the design process. The space of possible solutions is therefore assumed to be much wider, and as a result, both external building forms and internal layout of functional activities are allowed to vary. The performance intent of the experiment remains the same as that of Shea et al. (2006), which was to maximize daylight and minimize afternoon direct sun hours in the building at certain specific locations.

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