Drone Traffic Management, Democratizing Street Design & much more

Issue #26

I’m Vignesh Kaushik. I curate and write articles on Thank God It’s Computational to help architects, designers, and urban planners leverage cutting-edge technologies on AEC projects.

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AirMap • Drone Traffic Management 


AirMap enables anyone flying a drone to file a flight plan and anyone else wanting to use the airspace to see who else is flying in it in real-time, and even communicate with them through its tools. This startup aims to make it safe for anyone to fly drones, and to alert people or businesses when flying is unsafe.

ReStreet • App For Democratizing Street Design 


This tool allows you to create streets, share them and capture the feedback from others. As you see fit, drag and drop in lanes for AVs, streetcars, light rail and buses, plus bike paths, sidewalks, planters, and benches. The tool will stop you if you try to cram in too much. When you've sealed your plan, hit submit—it'll join a repository of other users' designs.

City of Melbourne • 3D Development Activity Model 


A team of engineers at the City of Melbourne's Smart City Office used Maps APIs (Mapbox) to host and serve Melbourne's building data and GL JS SDK to build the visual 3D interface. The result is an amazing city exploration tool, complete with 3D building information such as under construction sites, approved developments, and applications for building permits for the next three years.

Autocase • The Economic Lens For Sustainable & Resilient Design 


We have automation for many different kinds of analyses required in AEC (energy, lighting, cost, scheduling, etc.) it was only a matter of time before Triple Bottom Line (TBL) analysis were automated as well. With Autocase, you can automatically cost-justify smarter building and infrastructure designs for your clients, investors, or the neighboring community.

GHCitySim • Grasshopper interface for CitySim 


GHCitySim is a free-to-use Grasshopper interface for CitySim, an urban-scale energy simulation tool developed at EPFL. It is coded in Python and relies on the Ladybug tools. Both the source code and the compiled Grasshopper components are available through the Github repository.