[Webinar] ArchPLUS: Wind & Solar Analysis Software for Architects

Webinar #10


ArchPlus is a 3D modeling and simulation software both for mobile (IOS and Android) and standalone (Windows & Mac) platforms. It enables users to conduct wind and solar analyses (shadow range studies). Real-time airflow can be visualized with streamlines changing in size and color in adaptation with wind speed. Besides real-time shadow ranges can be seen realistically with defining location parameters like latitude & longitude.

In this webinar, the basics of natural ventilation and wind-building interaction will be shown at first to explain the many features of ArchPLUS. Then, for example, scenes at building scale and urban scale will be analyzed with ArchPLUS.

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  • 3D model import, view and analyze

  • Solar study

  • Natural Ventilation Analysis

  • Building Aerodynamics Simulations

  • Urban Planning

  • Fire Evacuation Module