[Webinar] Audible Designs: Room Acoustics Simulation in Rhino/GH

Webinar #03


Most software solutions merely simulate the room, and provide us simulated measurements and performance. That's great, but it tells us very little about how to improve a room. What we need is a design tool that can help us understand why a room sounds the way it is, and figure out how could we improve it. This is where an open-source solution like Pachyderm shines.

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In 60 minutes, you'll learn:

  1. The basics of room acoustics.

  2. How and when to apply acoustical modelling.

  3. Acoustical materials and the optimal scale of modeled elements.

  4. What kinds of problems acoustical modelling is well-suited to.

  5. How to study not just simulated impulse response, but also room geometry and wave propagation.

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