[Webinar] Integrating Building Envelope Design between Revit & Rhino Using Flux

Webinar #05


How many times has someone told you that Rhino is the most efficient 3D modeling tool for Architects? Well, they are absolutely right. And how many times have you thought that there’s nothing like Revit to control your BIM data? That is also right. Now, have you ever heard that Rhino and Revit won’t communicate with each other? Well, that is not true.

This webinar will explore some key strategies and techniques to make this communication as seamless as possible, exploiting the strengths of both the tools using a cloud-based data exchange software called Flux.

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In 60 minutes, you'll learn:

  • How to move a building project from Rhino to Revit?

  • How to identify what’s relevant to your workflow?

  • How to use Flux to streamline interoperability?

  • How to extract relevant data from Revit and send it to Rhino?

  • Explore workflows to import, recreate and verify complex paneling options

  • How to keep your Grasshopper specialist in the loop while you’re working on a BIM environment?