[Webinar] Macro BIM: Rapid Algorithmic Prototyping Without Coding

Webinar #07


In this webinar, you’ll learn about Residential Engine, a parametric and algorithmic modeling tool for multifamily buildings, and see it's used on a real-life project. You'll learn about a new ground-up software application that provides users access to design algorithms from a simple and intuitive interface--no scripts, connecting nodes, or coding required. Finally, you'll also be introduced to the concept of Macro-BIM and how it will affect buildings moving forward.

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What is Residential Engine?

Residential Engine is a Macro-BIM Software application, built from scratch in the C programming language, by Building Forge. Residential Engine, in its current form, is the first step to creating a generative design platform that is accessible and easy to use for designers and developers. The long term vision for Residential Engine encompasses cloud computing and building design optimization from the onset of the design process.

In 60 minutes, you'll learn:

  1. Introduction to Macro-BIM

  2. Algorithmically generate a building diagram

  3. Parametrically adjust the building diagram

  4. Strategies to boost housing unit yield

  5. Analysis of Macro-BIM data

    + Bonus PRO Tips