[Webinar] Tackling Interoperability between Rhino & Revit Without Any Plugins

Webinar #06


In this webinar, you'll learn a computational workflow to transfer a complex parametric roof canopy design in Rhino/GH to Revit for BIM implementation without using any special plugins. To demonstrate this workflow, we'll take inspiration from the canopy of one of Sydney’s iconic buildings, 580 George Street, designed by FJMT with the help of AR-MA as our design case.

You'll receive all raw files (.zip) and will have lifetime access to the video recording.

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In 60 minutes, you'll learn how to:

  1. Set up the initial design conditions in Rhino

  2. Reference the objects in Grasshopper

  3. Surface deconstruction & panelization

  4. Create Unique Identifiers

  5. Create Adaptive points using Dynamo

  6. Assign parameter transfer from Rhino to Revit

    + Bonus PRO Tips