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Here's how sponsoring on TGIC can help you.

One Sponsor per Newsletter

There is only one sponsored link per issue, so as a sponsor you can be sure that your link gets maximum visibility. Sponsored links can get anywhere from 500 to 1,000 click-through depending on the content.

A Lot More Value

In addition to being sent out to 5,000+ AEC professionals, every issue is re-purposed & shared in many relevant groups across Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Google+ and averages ~8,000 unique views/issue.

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  • Sponsored links should be relevant to TGIC's tech-focused audience and link to high-quality, well-designed content. Also, you could choose to purchase multiple sponsored links and have them published in subsequent issues.
  • Sponsored links will be clearly marked as such and be listed in a separate section of the email titled "Sponsored Link". Your sponsored link will appear in one email distributed to all subscribers and also permanently linked in the archived issue on the web site.


  • Once payment has been received, send across your copy for inclusion in the scheduled email. Your sponsored link will be reviewed to see if it matches up well with TGIC's audience. In case it doesn't, you will be fully refunded within a week.
  • You get to write the headline for the link and the short paragraph of text which will go underneath it. The deadline for any sponsored link copy is the end of Wednesday of the week that the link is due to run.


  • Visits to your sponsored link can be tracked through the use of Google "UTM" parameters which will be automatically appended to your link. If you use Google Analytics on your website these will be automatically tracked and will show the number of incoming visitors from TGIC to the sponsored link.


  • Sponsorship can be refunded any time up to two weeks before the scheduled date by emailing vignesh@tgic.io.


Questions? Feel free to ask them on live chat.