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Thank God It’s Computational (TGIC) is a community-driven platform providing concise design technology education to students and professionals in the AEC industry to learn at their own pace.

Reading TGIC is a mental exercise in understanding Digital Transformation holistically, from a multidisciplinary perspective of economics, business, people, process, policy, and technology.

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Vignesh Kaushik is one of the leading thinkers bridging the People, Process, Policy, and Technology aspects of the Digital Transformation of the AEC industry.

Vignesh also partners with his peers in the industry to bring professional training in leading technologies for the building industry through expert webinars.


Fiona Tan from ALT Singapore, said

I like the time it saves me researching all these new applications myself. It alerts me to interesting new software and sites that I’d never find otherwise.

Fernando Tosar from Barcelona, said

Amazing!! It’s my reference for new technologies for AEC software

James Walker from Copenhagen, said

Really enjoyed the webinar, great content! Would recommend to colleagues

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